LiveJasmin – How To Be A Camgirl

How to become a great camGirl with LiveJasmin

Becoming a webcam performer is not a hard task and won’t cost you much. In fact joining this adult industry is safe and secure. A successful cam girl can mint thousands of dollars working less than 40 hours.

However, to ranked among the top requires effort and have tips to help you navigate yourself at hack LiveJasmin as you mint money and have fun.


Below are great tips to help raise your profile bar:

LiveJasmin basic facts

  • The site offers you a user-friendly interface after a simple and easy registration
  • You have the capability to filter and only interact with paying guests
  • You will get paid after 2 weeks; interestingly the site will assign you a free ePassporte or Payoneer card option to tap in your dollars.
  • You will work with a schedule when you meet your chosen few
  • LiveJasmin is an easy mode of making money from the comfort of your home.

How to become a manager

Do you know other pretty models who can join the site? And would you like to be a manager? Then it is easy. LiveJasmin allows you to register other models under your account.

You just need to start a webcam studio, where multiple models will perform and meet clients when in one room, using one computer. All the studio pays will get in the studio account.

The prerequisite is an agreement of how you will pay them and the working relation. You will manage them, using the master account, which you easily sign up.

Requirements to establish a studio

  1. A fast processor computer
  2. A printer and a scanner
  3. Webcam, capture card camcorder

Studio and account environment tips

Video quality is a key consideration for clients, shop online for Logitech webcams, don’t mind going for the expensive. It is worth investment, the returns will as will be high.

Make your studio environment a classy and sassy environment. Make sure there is no excess light in the room and there should be no open window. You definitely have to know to play with the lights.

Introduce yourself well, give the clients what they want to see and know for the first time. Preferably take upload professional and HD photos to all the 6 spots.

Treat your clients with a short teaser video, tagging it so that, whoever want to see more to tip.

Being Live Tips

  • Your personality is gold in LiveJasmin guest will want you for who you are. Be yourself and show them the best side of you.
  • Do not have the mentality that it is work, have fun. Remember all the clients are in the site to get a fun meet and see nice models.
  • Save yourself a lot of struggles by teasing your guests vocally, tell them what they want to hear, asking them questions that will make them blush.
  • Be polite and kind, you are dealing with human beings who have feelings and love to appreciate and to be talked well about.
  • Don’t u underestimated free chat guests, they are the same ones who will buy credit and come screaming for you.
  • Create a relaxed atmosphere with your guests, do not sit all through, and get on your feet dance and shake your mama gave you. Guest will often take the performers into private session.
  • Know the rules not to face fines for simple errors like explicit nudity in free chats.

Chaturbate – A Comprehensive Review

A comprehensive Chaturbate review

If you are looking for the best live sex site, Chaturbate will offer you all what you need. Chaturbate is a free website that has a lot of girls and boys who will keep you entertained and get a lot of fun.

Unlike many other free sex websites, you do not need a credit card to join it. In addition no email is needed. All what you need is to have an account and watch the girls as they do their things free of charge. This article provides a comprehensive review of this website.


A lot of girls and boys available

One of the greatest benefits of this website is that you will get a lot of girls online. The models found in this website are categorized into tranny sections, couples, males and females.

All of them are great performers and so you do not get bored as you watch them. They have great looks and body shapes that will make you enjoy watching them as they perform their acts.

Wide range of features available for you

Another major advantage is that the site has a lot of features. Some of the features available include, message boards, private messages, model blogs and picture galleries. However, the major feature that you will like is that the site is free.


Chaturbate has two different types of membership. There is the standard and the guest membership. If you are the guest member all you need to do is to visit the site, watch the models and membership interaction.

On the other hand, if you are a standard member you have an opportunity to interact with the girls by sending them messages in a private way. In addition, you can broadcast your own sex cam feed and other features. If you want to buy tokens, you need to create an account.

It is good to note that the site uses a tip model, so if you like the cam boys and girls, you can purchase a token and give your favorite model a tip.

How Chaturbate works

The Chaturbate token hack from ChaturbateTokenHack works in a more different way compared to many other sites you may be used to. One of the things that make it unique is that it is not a must for you to join in order for you to watch.

You have an opportunity to browse all the cams and watch the models as they fuck, suck and do other crazy things that you will enjoy and have fun. In case you would like to contribute to the site or you would like to show other members your private parts or perform some sexual acts you will be required to click the sign up button found at the top right hand corner of the website.

All you have to do is to fill your password and username, date of birth, whether you like boys, girls or both. Then you must agree on terms and conditions. This is all what you need to get started and enjoy all what you want on Chaturbate.